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APRIL 16 - 21, 2023

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Varian Young Investigator Award at ENC

To honor the physicist, inventor and entrepreneur, Euromar and ICMRBS set up, for several years, the Russell Varian Prize. A group of anonymous donors have revived this award as the Varian Young Investigator Award and it is now presented biennially at the ENC in odd-numbered years (2019, 2021, etc.) The recipient receives a prize of $5,000.

Donations to fund the biennial award at the ENC are considered tax-deductible in the US as the ENC is recognized as a 501(c)3 organization by the IRS.

Call for 2023 Nominations: Deadline January 15

The Varian Young Investigator Award at ENC is intended to recognize a single investigator, for his/her achievements in any area of magnetic resonance. The award is to be granted to people in the first 12 years after their Ph.D. This is a general guideline and exceptions will be considered. The Varian Young Investigator Award will be presented at the ENC in odd-numbered years (2019, 2021, etc.)  Nomination deadline is January 15, 2023.

How to Nominate & Nomination Process:

The deadline for nominations will be January 15 of the award year; self-nominations will not be accepted, but nominations by the selection committee (SC) members are welcomed. No previous winner of a Varian themed award will be considered.

Nominations to include the following elements:

  • Name of nominee, with nominee's affiliation, phone, and e-mail
  • CV of the nominee
  • Name of nominator, address, phone, and e-mail
  • A brief (no more than 200 words) description of the work that forms the basis of the nomination
  • A list of up to five relevant publications.

Submit nominations by January 15, 2023 by email to enc@enc-conference.org.

Decisions of the SC will be by a majority of those voting, with the Chair having a casting vote in the event of a tie. 

Past Recipients of the Varian Young Investigator Award at ENC

2019, Awarded at the 60th ENC, Asilomar Conference Center

Alexander Barnes, ETH Zurich

Submit a Nomination 

January 15, 2023

Russell Varian

After training with Philo Farnsworth Russell Varian, in 1937, invented the Klystron, a novel device for the generation of microwave radiation. Being light enough to be carried in aircraft, the Klystron enabled all-weather radar and played a vital role in WW-II at the battle of Britain and the Battle of the Atlantic. In 1948, Russell and his brother, Sigurd, founded Varian Associates, a pioneering high-tech company in what became Silicon Valley. Besides being a brilliant innovator, Russell Varian was a socialist-leaning libertarian, a member of the ACLU and the Sierra Club. He died in 1959 while scouting Alaska for the setting for a new National Park.

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