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Your SSNMR Community Elevating Data to New Heights with PHOENIXNMR

900 MHz Biomolecular Data, 1.6mm HXY probe at 21.1T
Courtesy Chad Rienstra, et.al., NMRFAM

MAS-DNP Data, 2.5mm MAS-DNP HXY probe at 14.1T
Courtesy Frederik Mentink-Vigier, Tuo Wang, National Magnetic Field Laboratory

Materials Science and Low Gamma Data, 1.6mm HXY probe at 11.4T
Courtesy CUNY and the CUNY Energy Institute, Robert Messinger, et. al.

Coming Soon: Fast 19F MAS at 40 kHz, 1.6mm H(F)X probe at 16.4T
Fast 19F MAS NMR for Structural Characterization of Fluorine-Containing Pharmaceutical Compounds.
Tatyana Polenova, et. al.

Coming Soon: 2H and 17O Data on the same RF Channel, 3.2mm HXY probe at 14.1T
Looking into the dynamics of molecular crystals of Ibuprofen and terephthalic acid using 17O and 2H NMR analyses.
Danielle Laurencin, et.al.

Variable Temperature Data from PhoenixNMR MAS and Static Modules
Data collected at PhoenixNMR


    Elevating Your Science
    Through Design and Testing

Destructive Rotor Testing
So You Don't Have To!
 PMAS Controller Testing
Ramping to 20kHz and Down

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