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Spinsolve 80 MHz ULTRA

Main Features of the Spinsolve 80 MHz Classic and ULTRA 

  • 1H frequency: 80 MHz
  • 1H&19F on all systems + configurable X nuclei
  • Spectral Resolution:
    • Classic: <0.4 Hz (50%) / <16 Hz (0.55%)
    • ULTRA: <0.25 Hz (50 %) / <10 Hz (0.55%) / <20 Hz (0.11%)
  • Highest Sensitivity: 200:1 (Dual channel for 1% Ethyl Benzene)
  • Available with PFG gradients
  • Fast automatic lock, no need for deuterated solvents
  • Unparalleled field stability
  • Suitable for on-line reaction monitoring
  • Expert Software for advanced pulse programming
  • Compatible with automatic sample changer

Solvent Suppression Performance

The Spinsolve 80 ULTRA delivers unmatched line-shape for optimum solvent suppression performance with low concentration samples in protonated solvents. Quantification of analytes without sample preparation is possible in the presence of protonated solvent. Learn more.

Spinsolve Diffusion

Multi-nuclear PFG spectroscopy

- DOSY-type experiments
- Ultra-Fast 2D NMR
- Diffusion Measurements

Available with 80MHz, 60MHz ,and 43MHz models

Case Study - Resolving up to 5J with the ULTRA high resolution of the Spinsolve 80 MHz

We demonstrate the unique ultra-high resolution of our Spinsolve 80 Carbon ULTRA benchtop system by resolving long-range J couplings (up to 5J) for furfural in deuterated chloroform. This structure shows long-range J couplings as small as 0.07 Hz, which can be beautifully observed in the NMR spectrum acquired with our Spinsolve 80MHz. Learn more.

Video - Reaction Monitoring Module for Spinsolve

Learn about the RMX reaction monitoring module for the Spinsolve software and discover its advantages.

Case Study - Verify the Structure of Paliperidone using 1D and 2D NMR

A full peak assignment for structure verification of Paliperidone is performed utilizing a Spinsolve Carbon 80 MHz benchtop NMR system. Learn more.

Video - High Performance NMR Spectroscopy on the Bench: Latest Developments and Applications

Get insight into the latest developments and applications of Spinsolve benchtop NMR spectrometers.


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