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About CIL

Over the years, Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. (CIL) has grown to be the world’s leader in production and distribution of stable isotope-

labeled compounds for biological NMR applications. CIL has partnered with the scientific community in the last decade to enable significant developments in isotopic labeling of proteins and nucleic acids for magnetic resonance applications by commercializing novel compounds and reagents.

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Featured Products

 Deuterated Phospholipids

The study of structure, dynamics, and small-molecule binding properties of membrane proteins are of great interest within the field of structural biology and pharmaceutical drug development. The study of membrane proteins is made challenging because only certain phospholipids and detergents can be used to ensure the protein assumes the correct three-dimensional fold and remains active. Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. is proud to offer deuterated phospholipids and detergents manufactured by FB Reagents. FB Reagents is a trusted source of high-quality deuterated phospholipids and detergents used in NMR-based scientific research.

New!  Aromatic Probes
Limited Stock Available

CIL is offering two unique labeled forms of Tyrosine and Phenylalanine. These new aromatic probes can be incorporated into protein via traditional in vivo protein expression techniques such using e. coli, yeast, insect or mammalian cell culture or through in situ methods such as cell-free protein expression methods. Regardless of the method used to incorporate these amino acids into your target protein, one can rest assured that additional correlations will be revealed which In addition, the isolated 13C-1H bonds present in these aromatic amino acids are expected to give information on dynamics for the side chains of these aromatic acids. Lastly, due to the location of the 13C-1H pairs in the aromatic ring of Tyrosine, one expects that kinetic data regarding "ring flips" may also be gained.

New!  Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Kits

Would you like to perform amino acid selective labeling without any worry of isotopic scrambling?

Would you like to express multiple proteins simultaneously in equimolar amounts?

Discover the ease of which cell-free protein synthesis can be achieved using CellFree Sciences' kits designed for isotopic labeling of protein with or without His or GST tags.

These kits utilize world-famous WEPRO extract, a eurkaryotic wheat germ-based extract containing molecular machinery that e.coli extracts simply do not contain.

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Deuterated Solvents

CIL offers the most extensive line of deuterated solvents for use with 1H-NMR spectroscopy. CIL deuterated solvents are well-known for having both high chemical purity and high isotopic enrichment. CIL has recently began routinely examining deuterated solvents at 500 MHz, a field strength not normally used by commercial providers of deuterated solvents. CIL also provides NMR reference standards as well as protein standards to assess performance of NMR spectrometers. It is for these reasons, CIL deuterated solvents, NMR reference standards and protein standards are preferred world-wide by academic, pharmaceutical, and industrial researchers who demand the best available.

Fluorinated NTPs
New and Coming Soon

The fluorine nucleus is extremely sensitive to the local chemical environment, which leads to a wide chemical shift range. This makes it an excellent probe for secondary structure, especially where the chemical shift dispersion is limited, such as in RNA. Although researchers have used 19F-NMR to study nucleic acids for decades, only recently has a larger RNA been uniformly labeled with fluorine and investigated using 19F-NMR.1 CIL is pleased to offer new fluorinated nucleotide 5’-triphosphates for use in studying structure and dynamics of RNA using 19F-NMR.
More of these will be coming soon!

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